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On October 21, 2018 our lives changed forever when we lost our kind, thoughtful and inquisitive nineteen-year-old son,Tyler, to fentanyl poisoning. He died in the bathroom of a sober-living facility in Beverlywood, right around the corner from our house. He, and our whole family, suffered from his substance abuse disorder for 3 years. Our family spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to try to save him, yet like many parents across the country, we failed. 

While Tyler had a long-term substance use disorder, there are many kids dying from fentanyl-poisoned drugs during their first time ever taking any street drug. Unbeknownst to many, street drugs, such as pills, cocaine, meth, and crack can be laced with fentanyl and are in circulation, being sold via Instagram and Snapchat, targeting young teens. Gone are the days when kids can experiment, and one mistake should not equal death. We are trying to prevent other families from going through what ours has. 

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